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Animal Society 20 icons

The Animal Society icon set is a carefully selected group of animals raving to be used on your website. They will add the roar and bite to your animal loving world. Show them some love. Ps. They don't bite.

Hit the Bar Cupboard 10 icons

Look no further for your drinks & glass icons. Here is a short and sweet collection of the essential drinks & glass that you will ever need to consume.

Buggy Bugs 10 icons

If you are not afraid of creep crawlers then this is the bug set icon for you. If you look close - they are moving!

10 Shades of Cake 10 icons

Do you have a deep and dark desire for cake? If so - then you might as well get this icon set. For once you can have your cake AND eat it.

Autos 20 icons

Are you a petrol head and cannot get enough of cars & motorcycles? Well now you can get your very own collection of car accessory icons. From wipers to a steering wheel - this set will get you up to speed.

Clothes Collezione 35 icons

The one stop shop for a full clothing line. Get a fashionable series of clothes icons.

Delightful Dentistry 10 icons

Looking for a dentist icon? Then you are have come to the right place. The Delightful Dentistry package is a Best Of collection that the world of dentists have to offer.

Glasses Galore 10 icons

This icon set if full of fashionable eyewear. Everything from sunglasses to swimming goggles.

Flower Power 10 icons

A fun collection of flower power. Get you flower icon fix right here.

Spooky Halloween 10 icons

This spooky Halloween set is full of icons that will help set the atmosphere on your website or your printed materials.

Hard Helmets 10 icons

Here is a collection of hard protection helmets to keep your head safe

Home in the House 10 icons

Here is a collection of your moms favorite decorative elements at home.

Jewellery & Gems 10 icons

A collection of shiny gems and classic jewellery pieces. Get your bling on with this icon collection.

Music 10 icons

A collection of masterful music icons.

Space 10 icons

A collection of super space icons.

Nature & Environment 29 icons

A collection of nature and environmental icons